We will be using Zoom for the online sessions of EMO2021. So, if you haven’t installed it, please download a Zoom client from https://zoom.us/download#client_4meeting.

NOTE: Only those registered to EMO2021 will be able to enter the Zoom meeting room.

We will be using the Zoom Meeting Room exclusively for the entire conference (the Zoom room information will be available to resisted participants only due to the Zoom limitation).

Each session will have a HOST (EMO volunteer) and a designated chair. 

For general Participants & Attendants:

1) BEFORE joining the meeting room, please change Your Name to {paper ID}-{first name}-{last name}, e.g. 21-Cheng-He. 

  • If you have multiple papers, please use one of the paper IDs.
  • If you have no paper or you cannot find your paper ID, please change Your Name to {00}-{first name}-{last name}, e.g., 00-Cheng-He.

2) Upon entering the meeting room, you will be first placed into a zoom waiting room. And the HOST/Co-Host will let you in after verifying your information. Please make sure the paper ID and your name entered are in correspondence with the registration. 

3) Note that you will be automatically MUTED after joining the meeting room. Please contact the HOST/Co-Host in case you have any questions or concerns.

For Online Speakers:

1) Please join the meeting 5-10 minutes before the starting time.

2) After entering the room, please raise your hand and send a message to the host (using the zoom function), and you will be upgraded to speaker status.

3) Every Speaker can give an online live presentation or ask the host to play the recorded video. a) In the case of no-show, the recorded video will be played by the host.

For Session Chairs:

1) Please enter Your Name before joining the meeting room. 

Note: session chairs should check in to their session 10 minutes prior to the session start time. They will originally be entered as an attendee and need to be upgraded to a co-host by the host upon entry (please identify yourself).

2) As you enter the meeting, the designated HOST (EMO volunteer) will assign/upgrade you to a Co-Host. Once you are in the session as a Co-host you have most of the same permissions as a Host, and you will run the meeting/session. 

3) Co-Host privileges include:

  • Mute/Unmute all participants by clicking on “Participants” displayed on the toolbar and selecting “Mute All” (Note: all participants will enter the meeting muted with their cameras off).
  • Sharing your screen by selecting “Share Screen” on the toolbar.
  • Viewing all participants by selecting “Participants” on the toolbar.